IQOS ILUMA Kit Pebble Beige Dubai UAE

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  • Color:  Pebble Beige
  • Battery capacity: 2380mAh
  • Number of sessions with one full charge: 20 sessions
  • Charging Time: 135 min
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Use With: TEREA Smartcore sticks
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Experience Tobacco Enjoyment in a New Light with IQOS ILUMA Kit Pebble Beige

Revolutionize your smoking experience with the IQOS ILUMA Kit Pebble Beige, an epitome of elegance and technology that redefines tobacco enjoyment. Crafted for the modern connoisseur, this groundbreaking device offers the taste of tobacco without the drawbacks of traditional smoking. Elevate your journey towards a smoke-free future with the sophistication of Pebble Beige Dubai.

IQOS ILUMA Kit Pebble Beige Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Product Name IQOS ILUMA Kit Pebble Beige
Device Brand IQOS ILUMA
Number of sessions with one full charge 20 sessions
Charging Time 135 min
Holder Dimension and Weight Height –, Width – 14.5 mm, Diameter – 30.5 Gram
Pocket Charger Dimension and Weight Height – 121.5mm, Width – 47mm, Diameter – 23.4mm, Weight – 116.5 Gram
Charging port USB-C
Battery capacity 2380mAh
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Device Compatible With TEREA Smartcore sticks

Sophistication Redefined: Embrace a Smoke-Free Lifestyle

Harmonious Design Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

The IQOS ILUMA Kit Pebble Beige Dubai introduces a realm of taste and refinement. Designed to perfection, this device fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, catering to those who are always on the move. Its feather-light build and compact design ensure that style doesn’t compromise convenience.

Seamless Enjoyment: Discover the IQOS ILUMA Difference

Prepare to be captivated by a consistent and satisfying vaping experience, thanks to the advanced heating system of the IQOS ILUMA Kit. Delve into your choice of flavors with specially designed tobacco sticks, offering a plethora of options that suit your mood. Explore the world of tobacco vaping in a revolutionary way, guided by modern innovation.

Experience Ultimate Vaping: IQOS ILUMA Prime in Dubai

🔋 Powerful Performance: Ignite your senses with the IQOS ILUMA Prime, boasting a formidable 2380mAh battery for 20 uninterrupted sessions on a single charge.

🕒 Swift Charging: Minimize downtime and maximize enjoyment with a rapid 135-minute charging time, ensuring your ILUMA Prime is always ready for your next session.

🔌 USB-C Convenience: Embrace modern convenience with the USB-C charging port, offering faster and more reliable power-ups for your IQOS ILUMA Prime.

🌐 Global Flavor Exploration: TEREA Compatibility: Unlock a world of flavors with compatibility with TEREA Smartcore sticks. Immerse yourself in diverse options, including TEREA Kazakhstan, TEREA Indonesia, TEREA Japan, and TEREA Italy.

🚚 Swift and Free Delivery Across UAE: Indulge in the luxury of free delivery for orders exceeding 450 AED, ensuring your IQOS ILUMA Prime arrives at your doorstep without additional costs.

Express Delivery Options: For residents in Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah, revel in the excitement of 1-hour delivery. If you’re in Abu Dhabi, RAK, Al Ain, or anywhere across the UAE, expect your package within 12 to 24 hours.

👉 IQOS ILUMA Prime In Dubai – Elevate Your Vaping Experience: Step into sophistication with the IQOS ILUMA Prime. Seamlessly combining innovation with style, this vaping companion invites you to explore a realm of diverse flavors and seamless sessions. Elevate your moments, savor the flavors, and make the IQOS ILUMA Prime a statement of your refined taste.

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Pebble Beige

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  1. Leo Neumann (verified owner)

    Quick delivery paired with a product that exceeded my expectations.

  2. Luca Fischer (verified owner)

    Choosing this option means embracing a journey of delight.

  3. Gabriel Schmid (verified owner)

    Prompt and efficient service that adds value to the overall experience.

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