IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green in Dubai UAE

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  • Color:  Moss Green
  • Battery capacity: 2380mAh
  • Number of sessions with one full charge: 20 sessions
  • Charging Time: 135 min
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Use With: TEREA Smartcore sticks
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Elevate Your Vaping Experience: IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai

Embark on a journey of sophistication and cutting-edge technology with the remarkable IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai. This sleek device offers more than just an alternative—it offers a lifestyle, one that’s defined by elegance and a commitment to a smoke-free future.

IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Product Name IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green
Device Brand IQOS ILUMA
Number of sessions with one full charge 20 sessions
Charging Time 135 min
Holder Dimension and Weight Height –, Width – 14.5 mm, Diameter – 30.5 Gram
Pocket Charger Dimension and Weight Height – 121.5mm, Width – 47mm, Diameter – 23.4mm, Weight – 116.5 Gram
Charging port USB-C
Battery capacity 2380mAh
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Device Compatible With TEREA Smartcore sticks


A Fusion of Style and Performance: Key Features

IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai: A Statement of Excellence

Uncover the features that set the IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai apart:

  1. Compact Elegance: Elevate your vaping experience with a pocket-sized marvel—the IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai. It’s designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, offering both portability and class.
  2. Revolutionary HeatControl Technology: Redefine your experience with HeatControl Technology. It delicately heats tobacco without the harmful process of burning, resulting in less odor and no ash—offering a cleaner, more satisfying vaping session.
  3. Long-lasting Enjoyment: Embrace uninterrupted pleasure with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 20 uses per charge. Let the device accompany you throughout the day, without worrying about running out of power.
  4. Comprehensive Kit: The IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai arrives complete with essentials—a thoughtfully crafted IQOS Holder, a convenient Pocket Charger, a Cleaning Tool, and a USB Cable. Experience ease of use and maintenance like never before.
  5. Elegance in Color: Elevate your experience with the stylish Moss Green color. Let the aesthetics of your device reflect your taste and sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to your vaping moments.

Why Choose IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai:

An All-encompassing Experience of Excellence

  1. Smoke-Free Pleasure: Dive into a world where tobacco is heated, not burned. Embrace a vaping experience that’s smoke-free, reducing odor and eliminating ash.
  2. Portability Perfected: Carry sophistication with you wherever you go. The pocket-sized IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai aligns seamlessly with your on-the-go lifestyle.
  3. Sustained Satisfaction: Relish the convenience of a rechargeable battery that accompanies you through up to 20 uses per charge. Enjoy your device without interruption, throughout the day.
  4. Effortless Enjoyment: Simplify your vaping journey. The comprehensive kit includes everything you need, ensuring a hassle-free experience that doesn’t compromise on sophistication.
  5. Elegance in Every Puff: Enrich your moments with the Moss Green color—an embodiment of elegance that resonates with your discerning taste.

Elevate Your Vaping Ritual: Who Should Choose IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai

An Invitation to the Discerning

The IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green Dubai beckons those who seek an elevated vaping experience. It resonates with individuals who refuse to compromise style for technology and those who aspire to a life of sophistication and innovation.

Take a Deep Breath of Nature with IQOS ILUMA Kit Moss Green

With the Moss Green IQOS ILUMA Kit, enter a world where elegance and tranquility merge. This unusual vaping gadget goes above and beyond the norm, providing more than just a chic accouterment. Inspired by the lush colors of nature, Moss Green becomes a statement of your sophisticated style and the epitome of the ideal marriage of form and function.

Revealing Moss Green Style: Enhance Your Look The Moss Green IQOS ILUMA is a canvas for self-expression rather than just a gadget. With each puff, the tasteful fusion of earthy tones invites you to embrace elegance and uplift your look.

Unleashed Power: 2380 mAh of battery capacity Waiting to be unleashed is a powerhouse hidden beneath the Moss Green façade. This device guarantees uninterrupted moments of pleasure with its powerful 2380mAh battery capacity, which allows for an astonishing 20 sessions on a single charge. It is more than simply a vaping gadget—it is a friend for people who cherish every second.

USB-C Effortless Charging: Rethink Convenience The USB-C port makes charging a smooth operation. The Moss Green IQOS ILUMA has a rapid 135-minute charge time, so you can say goodbye to lengthy waits and always be prepared to vape with you.

TEREA Harmony: Revealing Distinctive Tastes Join forces with TEREA Smartcore sticks and your Moss Green IQOS ILUMA to explore a variety of origin-inspired flavors. TEREA provides a symphony of flavors at your fingertips, whether it’s the cultural diversity of Terea Kazakhstan, the exotic attraction of Terea Indonesia, the traditional tones of Japan, or the ageless elegance of Italy.

A Very Special Delivery Experience Enjoy a little luxury everywhere in the United Arab Emirates with free delivery on orders above 450 AED.

Delivered right to your door, the Moss Green IQOS ILUMA offers a vaping experience unlike any other.

Enjoy the convenience of one-hour delivery if you live in Dubai, Ajman, or Sharjah. Within 12 to 24 hours, residents in Abu Dhabi, RAK, Al Ain, and throughout the UAE may anticipate receiving their package, guaranteeing a seamless transition from excitement to delight.

Enjoy the comforts of nature to the fullest and enhance your vaping experience with the IQOS ILUMA Kit in Moss Green.

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    A satisfying purchase, from order placement to product enjoyment.

  2. Zoe Schneider (verified owner)

    Elevate your vaping journey with the IQOS ILUMA Kit in Moss Green. The 24-hour delivery option across UAE ensures quick satisfaction.

  3. Johanna Meyer (verified owner)

    Efficiency delivered with a touch of luxury and delight.

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