LONO Yellow Regular – Heets for IQOS device in Dubai

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Product: LONO Yellow Regular

Flavor: Rich Lemon with Earthly Undertones

Nicotine Content: 1.5%

Compatibility: Compatible only with heating devices

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LONO Yellow Regular – Heets: A Symphony of Satisfying Tobacco

The Flavorful Journey

Welcome to the world of LONO Yellow Regular – Heets from All Heets Dubai, where tobacco pleasure reaches new heights. In the pursuit of the ultimate smoking experience, we present a tobacco stick that encapsulates the essence of a smooth and satisfying flavor. Crafted for aficionados who seek perfection in every draw, LONO Yellow Regular is more than just a tobacco stick—it’s a symphony of tobacco bliss.

Product Specification:

Feature Specification
Product Name LONO Yellow Regular – Heets
Flavor Rich Lemon with Earthly Undertones
Carton 50 packs per carton
Pack 10 boxes per pack
Nicotine Content 1.5%
Compatibility Compatible only with heating devices

Smooth and Satisfying Tobacco Bliss

As you embark on this flavorful journey, prepare your senses for a delight like no other. Each inhalation is a harmonious blend of richness and satisfaction. The carefully selected blend of high-quality tobacco ensures a depth of flavor that resonates with tobacco enthusiasts. The menthol infusion adds a refreshing twist, elevating your experience and providing an energizing boost with every draw.

Perfect for Every Occasion: Enjoy Anywhere in Dubai

Ideal for Any Situation

LONO Yellow Regular – Heets is the epitome of versatility, making it your perfect companion for every occasion in Dubai. Whether you find yourself in the comfort of your home or navigating the vibrant streets of the city, this tobacco stick is designed to adapt seamlessly to any situation. The smooth and satisfying tobacco flavor makes it the ideal choice, ensuring your smoking experience remains impeccable no matter where life takes you.

Convenient Tobacco Stick Form

Simplicity meets sophistication with the convenient tobacco stick form of LONO Yellow Regular – Heets. Designed for ease of use, this innovative format allows you to indulge in the rich tobacco flavor without any hassle. Whether you’re at home or on the move, the transition from craving to satisfaction is just a tobacco stick away. Insert it into your IQOS device, and you’re ready to savor the moment.

Consistent Pleasure: Balanced Smoking Experience

Rich and Satisfying Tobacco

At the heart of LONO Yellow Regular – Heets lies a commitment to delivering a consistently rich and satisfying tobacco experience. The carefully chosen blend of high-quality tobacco ensures that each draw is a testament to the artistry of tobacco crafting. For those who appreciate the balance of flavor and satisfaction, this tobacco stick becomes an extension of their refined taste.

How to Elevate Your Experience

Transforming your tobacco experience is a simple yet profound act—insert the LONO Yellow Regular – Heets tobacco stick into your IQOS device. The synergy between the stick and the device creates a harmonious balance, providing you with a smoking experience that is not only rich and satisfying but also consistently enjoyable. Whether you’re unwinding at home or exploring the diverse landscapes of Dubai, elevate your moments with the unmatched pleasure of LONO Yellow Regular.


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