LONO MENTHOL PURPLE for IQOS device in Dubai

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Product: LONO Menthol Purple Herbal

Flavor: Menthol and Light Blueberry Juice

Nicotine Content: 1.5%

Compatibility: Compatible only with heating devices

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Elevate Your Smoking Ritual with LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets: A Fusion of Flavor and Convenience

Unleashing the Icy Black Menthol Symphony

Indulge in the epitome of smoking luxury with LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets, a masterpiece crafted for enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of rich tobacco and invigorating menthol flavor. Let’s explore the three dimensions that make this smoking experience unparalleled.

Product Specification:

Feature Specification
Product Name LONO Menthol Purple Herbal
Flavor Menthol and Light Blueberry Juice
Carton 10 packs per carton
Pack 20 sticks per pack
Nicotine Content 1.5%
Compatibility Compatible only with heating devices

Icy Black Menthol Bliss: Savor the Fusion

Rich Tobacco Harmony:

Embark on a sensory journey with LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets, where the rich tobacco flavor takes center stage. Carefully selected for its full-bodied and satisfying notes, each inhalation promises a smoky experience that satisfies even the most discerning palate.

Refreshing Menthol Infusion:

Experience the cool embrace of menthol with every puff. The menthol infusion adds a layer of freshness and energy to your smoking ritual, creating a symphony of flavors that elevate your senses. It’s not just smoking; it’s a refreshing escape.

Boost of Energy:

LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets go beyond ordinary smoking experiences. The menthol finish doesn’t just refresh; it energizes, giving you a delightful boost that makes every moment with your IQOS device memorable.

Heets Technology Convenience: Smoke Without Compromise

Mess-Free, Hassle-Free:

Say goodbye to the inconveniences of traditional smoking. LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets, with the innovative Heets technology, offers a clean and hassle-free alternative. No ash, no smokeβ€”just pure smoking satisfaction. Slide the Heets into your IQOS device, and you’re ready for consistently delicious and perfectly heated smoking moments.

Prompt, Dependable Delivery:

Don’t wait for the ultimate smoking experience. Order your LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets now from Our prompt and dependable delivery ensures that the fusion of rich tobacco and icy black menthol is at your doorstep, ready to transform your smoking ritual.

Cozy and Cool Experience:

Even without the lingering smell, LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets deliver the taste of icy black menthol that satisfies your cravings. Revel in the rich flavor, earthy undertones, and smooth finishβ€”a guilt-free indulgence that keeps the pleasure at your fingertips.

LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Delights: Traditional Flavor, Modern Convenience

Authentic Regular Tobacco Flavor:

For those who appreciate tradition, LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets offer an authentically traditional regular tobacco flavor without the accompanying smell. Immerse yourself in the satisfaction of Lono Supper Regular, delivering an unmatched experience with its rich flavor, earthy undertones, and smooth finish.

Suitable for HNB Devices:

Compatible with only the best heating appliancesβ€”IQOS, IQOS Illuma, Koken, and Jouzβ€”LONO MENTHOL PURPLE Heets are designed for connoisseurs who seek perfection in their smoking devices. Indulge in guilt-free enjoyment with this 1.5% nicotine, smooth tobacco delight.


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