Lambda i8 Gray Device for Terea in dubai

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  • Color:  Gray
  • Weight: 83g
  • Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Operating Temperature: 200-300 °C
  • Smoke Duration: 3 – 6 minutes adjustable
  • Compatible with: Only for TEREA Stick, SENTIA sticks (not for HEETS)
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Terea’s Lambda i8 Gray Device in Dubai: Unleash Flavour and Elegance

Learn about the Lambda i8 Grey Device, a sophisticated device that will improve your vaping experience. This stylish gadget is a fashion statement rather than just a companion. With a hint of refinement added by the distinctive grey finish, each puff becomes a representation of elegance. Enter the world of Lambda i8, where substance and style collide, and let your vaping encounter serve as evidence of your refined palate.

Lambda i8 Gray Device Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Product Name Lambda i8 Gray Device
Colour Gray
Brand/Model LAMBDA 18 Smart Tobacco Heater
Material Aluminium alloy + PEEK + PPSU
Weight 83g
Dimensions 102.8×28.9×20.8 mm
Battery Capacity 3200 mAh
Capacity Up to 35-40 heating rods
Operating Temperature 200-300 °C
Smoke Duration 3 – 6 minutes adjustable
Heating Type Non-contact electromagnetic induction heater
Compatible with Only for TEREA, SENTIA sticks (not for HEETS)

Terea Compatibility: Designed for Variety of Tastes

With Lambda i8 Grey Device’s smooth compatibility with Terea variations, discover an infinite universe of flavour. Our device is specifically designed to accentuate and intensify the unique features of each variety, whether it be the bold notes of Terea Kazakhstan, the exotic essence of Terea Indonesia, the refined taste of Terea Japan, or the rich cultural background of Terea Italy. Take a trip through a world of delicious sensations by using Lambda i8 as your passport to an international vaping experience.

Performance Redefined: The Lambda i8 Grey Device Unlocks Power

Under the svelte exterior is a performance powerhouse. With its cutting-edge technology, the Lambda i8 Grey Device promises an unmatched vaping experience. One of the innovative features is the adjustable smoke duration, which lets you personalise every moment. Lambda i8 Grey Device is more than simply a gadget thanks to its exquisite engineering and strong battery; it’s a dedication to remarkable performance. With Lambda i8, enhance your vaping experience and create lasting memories with each session.

The Lambda i8 Grey Device Will Enhance Your IQOS Terea Experience

  • Presenting a Harmony of Tastes: IQOS Terea and Lambda i8 Come TogetherExperience a voyage of sublime vaporisation as the Lambda i8 Grey Device blends in well with the wide variety of IQOS Terea variations. This gadget is your ticket to a symphony of flavours, from the audacious richness of Terea Kazakhstan to the subtle cultural distinctions of Terea Japan. Savour a perfect fusion that brings the history of IQOS Terea to life and transforms every puff into a sensory extravaganza.
  • Global Technology and Tradition Fusion: Redefining Terea CompatibilityLambda i8 Grey Device is more than simply a gadget; it’s evidence of the widespread blending of tradition and technology. It is expertly crafted and intended to accentuate the distinctive qualities of IQOS Terea from various locales. Lambda i8 presents a tasteful union of technology and tradition, whether you’re more drawn to the delicate flavour of Terea Italy or the aromatic notes of Terea Indonesia.
  • Elevate Every Second: IQOS Terea Variants Using the Lambda i8 Grey DeviceWith the Lambda i8 Grey Device, designed especially for IQOS Terea lovers, enjoy luxurious vaping. The wide variety of Terea versions that the gadget is compatible with means that there’s always a chance to indulge in a worldwide vaping thrill. Lambda i8 enriches every version, from the calm elegance of Terea Italy to the energetic bursts of Terea Kazakhstan, making your vaping experience extraordinary.

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