JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device

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  • Color: Slate Grey
  • Pod Capacity: 1.2 mL
  • Battery: 250 mAh
  • Device: Rechargeable
  • Charging type: USB charging dock.
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Compatible with: JUUL 2 pods


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Unveiling the JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Kit in UAE

The Ultimate Vaping Improvement

The JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Kit is the peak of vaping bliss. This next-generation marvel reimagines the vaping experience for adult smokers looking for unrivaled delight. Discover why this device is the pinnacle of invention, transforming every puff into a moment of pure indulgence.

JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Specifications
Brand JUUL
Origin America
Color Slate
Manufacturer JUUL Labs, Inc
Pod Capacity 1.2 mL [200-300 puffs]
Contains Nicotine Salt
Nicotine concentration 18 mg/ml
Weight 14 grams with a full pod
Dimensions 87.2 mm x 15.1 mm x 7.15 mm
Rechargeable Yes
Charging type USB charging dock
Battery 250 mAh
Coils 1.2 ohm
Materials Aluminum
Warranty 1-year limited
Compatible with JUUL 2 pods

Design Revolutionized, Sophistication Elevated

Step into the vaping sophistication of the future. The JUUL 2 is more than simply a device; it’s a fashion and function statement. It seamlessly integrates seamless design with high-quality performance, thanks to its sleek, modern lines and a feather-light, luxury feel. Elevate your vaping style and enjoy pure elegance with each pull.

Powerful Performance for Maximum Pleasure

Unleash the JUUL 2’s full potential. With a 20% increase in battery capacity over its predecessor, this device promises an extended vaping session with increased draws and richer vapors. Dive into a world where satisfaction meets sophistication, as the smart interface keeps you up to date on all the important details, from battery and e-liquid levels to pod validity.

A Convenience and Compatibility Symphony

The JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Kit is about more than just power and style; it’s also about seamless compatibility. Connect your device to the JUUL App with ease, allowing you to personalize your vaping experience. Indulgence is just a plug away with a draw-activated mechanism and a USB charger included. Furthermore, this device only works with real JUUL 2 pods, assuring a consistent, authentic experience.

Your Road to Vaping Success

The JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Kit will take your vaping experience to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or fresh to the world of vaping, this gadget exemplifies the trifecta of vaping excellence: sophistication, performance, and ease. Accept the future of vaping and experience unprecedented satisfaction with every inhalation.

Compatible JUUL 2 pods for JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device

User Guide for the JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Kit

Congratulations on selecting the JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device Kit as your entry point to a more advanced vaping experience. This user guide is intended to assist you through the setup, usage, and maintenance of your device, ensuring that you take advantage of its revolutionary features.

Device Components and Configuration:

  1. Device and Charging Dock: Take out your JUUL 2 Slate Grey device and charging dock.
  2. Charging Your Device: Connect the device to the charging dock using the provided USB charger. Before using the gadget for the first time, make sure it is completely charged. The device’s LED indicator will show charging progress.
  3. Pod Installation: The JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device is only compatible with genuine JUUL 2 pods. To begin vaping, insert the pod into the device.
  4. Power On/Off: The device has no buttons for turning on or off. It’s draw-activated, so just take a puff to get it going.

Useful Hints for Maximum Performance:

  1. Draw Technique: For the finest experience, take delicate puffs from the mouthpiece. Avoid inhaling forcefully.
  2. Battery Monitoring: Keep an eye on the LED indicators to determine the battery level of your device. Green denotes a full charge, yellow a medium charge, and red a low battery.
  3. Pod Replacement: When the pod is empty, remove it and replace it with a new JUUL 2 pod. Responsibly dispose of used pods.
  4. Avoid Overcharging: To avoid overcharging, unplug the charging dock once the gadget has been fully charged.

Maintenance and upkeep:

  1. Cleaning: Use a dry cloth to clean the device and charging dock on a regular basis. Use of water or cleaning products should be avoided.
  2. Avoid Extreme Conditions: Avoid harsh heat and Direct Sunlight: Keep your gadget away from harsh heat and direct sunlight.
  3. Storage: Keep the gadget in a secure, dry location away from children and pets.

Precautions for Safety:

  1. Only for Adults: The JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device is only for adult smokers. Keep out of children’s reach.
  2. Nicotine sensitivity: JUUL 2 pods include nicotine. Use with caution and as advised.
  3. Avoid Misuse: Do not tamper with or manipulate the device’s internal components.


  • If you have any problems with your device, consult the user manual or contact JUUL customer service.

By following these suggestions, you’ll be on your way to increased vaping experience with your JUUL 2 Slate Grey Device. Enjoy the pleasure and sophistication it adds to your vaping regimen!

Note: For detailed instructions and safety information, please refer to the official user manual that came with your device.

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